Tuesday, July 21, 2009


this looks fucking terrifying

things you can to to prevent nails:
  • don't step on nails
  • stay away from nails
  • we will tell you when nails are okay again


  1. Cuddlefish PrimeJuly 21, 2009 at 8:00 PM

    I woke up this morning and discovered that I had twenty nails sticking out of me, one in each of my fingers and toes

    Am I going to die

  2. it will impair your ability to follow bullet point one (and/or two) so i wouldn't rule out a slow agonizing death

    in the future you should check with me before things like this happen

    what were you even thinking

  3. i have two pieces of wood that need to be connected to one another some how. whenever i try to figure out a solution, i become filled with anxiety. do you have any suggestions. thanks.

  4. All you need is wood glue. Wood glue. Wood glue.

    Wood glue.

  5. Here's a nail
    It never fails
    It makes me wanna wag my tail
    When it comes, I wanna wail:

  6. you guys when i was little i ran barefoot over a bed of nails

    life is better without nails

  7. anonymous, lint of death is correct, wood glue or some manner of epoxy should do the trick

    these solutions are not only nail-free but they are entirely devoid of nails

  8. Ok, I have my bottle of wood glue but the end of it is all clogged up. I need something to poke through it to open it back up again but I'm scared and frightened.

  9. i hear the canine tooth of the human mouth is fairly pointy

  10. anonymous: there is nothing that you can't do with a bent paperclip